Crowns & Veneers for the Perfect Smile

There are times when as children or young adults, you do not pay too much attention to the way your teeth look. Many a times, imperfections in teeth alignment or appearance can be a point of dissatisfaction for many adults. But there really is no need to worry any longer. Crowns & veneers are the best way to change the appearance of your smile and hide all those imperfections that have been making you unhappy.

A Stunning Smile

These procedures are extremely safe and effective and can also be carried out quickly when you get them done at Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental. We help in all kinds of dental procedures and have expert dentists who can give you the highest quality crowns & veneers, and that smile you always wanted. Our experienced and dedicated dentists decide what the proportion of your teeth is in comparison to the proportions of your face.

They will also check what the color of your natural teeth is, and will match that up against the color of your lips & face. These are some of the basic things we do before moving forth with the treatment. We provide you with the best services but also like to keep you informed about what crowns & veneers are and what is involved in the procedure:

Understanding what Crowns Are

These are a perfect dental option for anyone who has very badly damaged, chipped or cracked teeth. There are times when you might have a very large broken filling that can’t be replaced while teeth can sometimes get worn out by constant grinding or clenching. We are also able to replace your older crowns. Crowns are essentially caps that are used on teeth that have some sort of damage and they are a perfect option for improving the appearance of your smile.

They are a complete cap and cover the entire natural tooth. It is also possible to change the shape and the positioning of the entire tooth with the use of a crown. Today, crowns are made with different materials such as porcelain that has a zirconia base. In some cases, crowns might also be made from solid porcelain. Using this type eliminates the metal shine-through that is evident in the ones that have a zirconia base.

Understanding what Veneers are

The size, position, color and shape of teeth can be changed with the use of crowns & veneers. There are times when some people have “bite” problems and we take care to resolve those before the veneers are fitted. A veneer is a very thin porcelain layer that is used to cover the front surface of teeth. The veneer covers all the visible front teeth and it takes approximately 10 days for us to make them. These veneers will last for around 10-15 years if they are looked after well. For the best crowns & veneers, contact Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental on 606-340-0740 or visit us at Monticello, KY. We have patients coming in from surrounding areas including Somerset, Danville, and Cookeville.

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