Dentures & Partials

Are Full Dentures & Partials the Same?

Everyone vies to have a set of dazzling and perfect teeth and that is what gives you a beautiful smile. Apart from being an eyesore, missing teeth also lead to drifting of the rest of your teeth and they will eventually change position. Subsequently, this can lead to mouth tissue damage and it is also very difficult to brush and floss crooked and misaligned teeth. Tooth decay and periodontal disease are very common in people who have crooked teeth as it is very difficult to maintain high levels of oral hygiene.

Understanding What Dentures & Partials are

Dentures & Partials can be used very effectively to fill all the gaps that are created by any missing teeth. Many people believe that dentures are always an entire set of teeth. The fact is that it is also possible to have dentures & partials that do not cover the entire set. If you have some healthy teeth and only need to fill in the gaps that have been created by missing teeth, partials are the perfect solution for you. We at Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental can provide you with the best set of dentures & partials and we have years of experience in all kinds of dental procedures.

Types of Partial Dentures

It is also possible to have removable partial dentures. These are an amazing solution to help you chew food properly and they fill out your smile beautifully too. There are a variety of partial dentures and all of these are very different from bridges which are fixed partial dentures. We use highly advanced dental procedures and the latest equipment in carrying out these procedures. Here are some of the most common types of dentures:

  • Conventional Partial Dentures- These are fitted with metal clasps that fit on adjacent teeth. There are times when these surrounding teeth have to be shaped to provision for the clasp fitting.
  • Precision Attachment Partial Denture- This denture is very different from the traditional one. The former fits right on the crown that has been affixed to your tooth and it does not have any clasps.
  • Valplast Partial Denture- This is a very flexible, thermo-plastic nylon, bio-compatible denture. It has very distinctive aesthetic and physical properties. It is made of a translucent material, which allows the natural color of the inner tissue to show through. This gives the dentures & partials a very natural look.

Expert Dental Services

We have highly-trained and expert dentists who provide you with the best dental procedures and we also ensure that only the highest quality dentures & partials are used. The type of denture or partial that is used will depend on the condition of your natural teeth and a few other factors. We carry out a complete check-up of your teeth and analyze their condition.

We then inform you about all the alternatives and also recommend the best solutions. For the best dentures & partials, contact Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental on 606-340-0740 or visit us at Monticello, KY. We also have patients coming in from surrounding areas including Somerset, Danville, and Cookeville.

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