Dental Q&A

Q – Why are regular dental checkups required?
A – No matter how regularly you brush and floss, teeth tend to develop cavities. Ignoring a cavity and not having it attended to, can complicate the problem. It is important for everyone to get a general dental check-up twice a year. Any problems that arise can then be identified and treated before they get aggravated.

Q- My tooth got knocked-out while playing football- what should I do?
A – If you have lost a healthy tooth in any kind of an accident or while playing a sport, it can be re-implanted. If you are able to locate the tooth, clean it well under running water and then place it right back in its socket immediately and rush to a dentist without delay.

Q – I was told that dental problems might exist even if there is no pain. Is that true?
A – Though most dental problems will cause a certain amount of pain or discomfort, it might not always be severe. There are times when teeth that have cavities only become sensitive and there may not be pain. Dental issues can be identified during regular dental checkups.

Q - How long does a crown last?
A – Well- made and good quality crowns can last for an average of 12- 15 years or even more. This largely depends on how well it has been looked after. There have been instances when crowns have also lasted for 30-40 years. Typically, insurance companies offer a cover of 5 years for a crown. This is an almost permanent restoration and the perfect way to cover flawed or damaged teeth.

Q – Why does my temporary bridge/crown feel so sensitive?
A – A temporary restoration is no more than a plastic covering which is used to cover the live section of the tooth. These temporary restorations tend to be sensitive sometimes. If you feel that the sensitivity is extreme or the pain unbearable, additional treatment may be necessary. A permanent restoration is very strong and insulates the tooth better and the patient does not feel any sensitivity.

Q - Will the permanent crown, veneer or bridge look just like the temporary one?
A – No. A permanent restoration is very different from a temporary one, in terms of its shape, color, texture and finish and it will look very superior in comparison to a temporary one.

Q- Will there be bleeding post a dental surgery or an extraction?
A – Though a certain amount of bleeding is perfectly natural, it will differ from person to person. There will be bleeding for around 20 minutes to an hour after the surgery after which it will begin to peter out. Keeping the wound pressurized with a piece of gauze helps in stemming the flow of blood and it stops faster. If the bleeding is too severe, see your dentist without delay.

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