How Fillings Help in Saving Teeth

Regular dental checkups are very important and you should go for a dental checkup at least 2 times a year. It is a fallacy that cavities always hurt. The truth is that many people have cavities and don’t even know it. There are times when a person might not even notice that he/ she has a cavity till the time it gets aggravated and transitions to the middle layer of the tooth. This is the layer that is between the pulp of the tooth and the enamel and is called dentin. Once the decay goes past the dentin and reaches the pulp, the person is left with very few treatment options.

Knowing what to do

Irrespective of whether the decay is still in the initial phases or has moved to the dentin or shifted into the pulp, Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental will be able to advice you about what the best course of action is. We check the affected tooth/teeth and then decide whether fillings are required. Today, cosmetic dentistry is becoming very popular.

This is largely because there is a lot of focus on looking good. The fillings that are used today help in improving the look of your smile/ laugh as you can opt for tooth-colored ones.

They blend in very well with the rest of your teeth and are not very noticeable. There was a time when only silver amalgam fillings were available, but the current day white ones are now gaining in popularity.

The Best Products

We provide you with the best treatment and also use only the best dental equipment and products. The color of every person’s teeth is different and we make sure that the high-quality composite resin that is used for the fillings will match the color of your teeth very closely. Teeth whitening is another one of our services that is extremely popular and gives you that attractive smile you always wanted. If any of your teeth are damaged, we might also recommend that tooth inlays be used. These are a good option for fixing any tooth damage that has extended beyond the top surfaces of the teeth.

If the tooth decay has moved into the core of the tooth, we then might recommend dental implants. It does not take more than one visit to complete a filling but getting a dental implant is a much more lengthy procedure and multiple visits will be required. Our expert dentists take a look at the affected tooth and then access what kind of treatment option will be best suited for you.

Taking Timely Action

If you feel any sensitivity in your teeth or a tingling sensation when you consume hot or cold foods, consult a dentist without delay. The one way of avoiding dental problems is to get a dental check up on a regular basis. We have the best facilities and offer comprehensive dental services. For the best fillings, contact Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental on 606-340-0740 or visit us at Monticello, KY. We have patients coming in from surrounding areas including Somerset, Danville and Cookeville.

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