Every person wishes that their teeth should be aligned well and looks attractive. Not all people are lucky enough to have perfectly aligned teeth but cosmetic dentistry can make this possible. Traditionally, metal braces were used to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth but they tend to mar the smile and are pretty uncomfortable too. Metal braces are effective in aligning teeth, but they also have to be worn for long periods of time and it takes months, sometimes years for the teeth to get straightened out. This also means that the person who wears them, has to put up with the discomfiture for that long.

The Simple Method

It is now possible to get your teeth aligned in a simpler manner with Invisalign braces. These dental braces are truly a wonder and orthodontists at Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental have extensive experience in this field. Invisalign is a revolutionary and innovative system, manufactured by Align Technology. This system is very effective for teeth alignment. In this treatment, clear plastic aligners are affixed on the teeth. These are not permanent and they are to be slid over the teeth.

Highly Effective Treatment

They can be worn during the day and even when you are at work. They are not very easily visible and have to be replaced at certain intervals. Every successive change of braces brings about a noticeable change in the alignment of the teeth. Though this product is a little more expensive than standard metal braces, the discomfort is eliminated completely and they are amazingly effective as well. In case of severe alignment, we might suggest that metal braces be used. If we feel that Invisalign braces will be beneficial to you and that your orthodontic condition is suitable for them, we will then start with the treatment.

The Procedure

Your teeth will first be cleaned thoroughly before the start of the treatment. Since the Invisalign braces are customized, they fit very well and they are removable too. Since they will be in your mouth for extended periods of time, you have to be particular about oral hygiene and also have to maintain them well. You might feel a certain amount of discomfort at the outset, but that too will wane over time and you will hardly even know that they are in your mouth.

Proper Care

The Invisalign braces will have to be removed and cleaned every single day. That is the only way to avoid discoloration and keep odor at bay. You can expect best results only if you continue with the entire treatment as required. Discontinuing the treatment will take your teeth back to the original position which will mean a failure of the treatment. Another very important point is that this patented Invisalign treatment must be carried out by certified and skilled dental professionals.

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