Having a set of good teeth can do wonders for your confidence. We are always told that teeth are precious and that we should look after them well. But somehow, despite what we do, our teeth sometimes do tend to develop cavities. It is important to be regular with oral hygiene habits, but in the event that you do develop any dental issues, it is now possible to have an attractive smile as there are numerous advances in the dentistry field. Teeth implants are one way of replacing teeth that have been lost due to decay or damage.

Unconventional Treatment

A dental implant is a very common cosmetic dentistry treatment today and it is very different from the removable dentures that elderly people used to wear a few decades ago. Our natural teeth are held firmly in place with roots and an implant performs the same function that a root does. A titanium screw is first embedded in the jawbone by our expert implant specialist. The implant is then left to set well into the bone till it merges firmly into it. Once it has healed completely, a prosthetic tooth is then affixed to it. The human body accepts titanium well and there is generally no adverse reaction to the implants.

The Implant Procedure

Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental has expert dentists who handle all kinds of dental procedures. We analyze the bone condition and if the base of the bone is wide enough to accommodate the implant, we will then recommend that you opt for this treatment. It takes multiple visits for the implant procedure to be completed and you will be provided with complete information before it is carried out.

The gum tissue will first be cut open and the implant will be fixed in the bone. The tissue will then be sutured over the root and it takes a minimum of 2 months for the root to set well and the bone to regrow over it. Our implant surgeons are well-trained and experienced in these procedures and are able to handle it with expertise.

The Cost

Dental implants might seem expensive, and some people are worried about the cost of dental implants. But you have to keep in mind that these are almost permanent fixtures in your mouth. They can easily last for 12-15 years and longer if you look after them well. This also means that in the long run, implants offer more value than dentures, bridges and partials do. They are also comparatively maintenance free and look more natural than any of the latter option. You will also be advised about the recurring costs and a certain amount of servicing will be required.

This should make it simpler for you to decide whether you want to opt for implants. It is also possible to get full mouth implants if that is what your dental condition demands. For the best implants, contact Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental on 606-340-0740 or visit us at Monticello, KY. We have patients coming in from surrounding areas including Somerset, Danville and Cookeville.

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