Extractions & Wisdom Teeth

How Important are Extractions & Wisdom Teeth removal?

Impacted wisdom teeth can be very dangerous and they will simply keep on in-growing into the jaw and result in misalignment. There are times when these teeth will start growing sideways and affect adjacent teeth. This pressurizes the surrounding teeth and they tend to become crooked. If you feel you have any impacted teeth, it is important for you to consult a dentist for extractions & wisdom teeth removal.

The Best Procedures

Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental provide the best dental services and we can handle procedures such as extractions & wisdom teeth issues with a great deal of expertise. We have a very methodical approach and begin with taking x-rays. This gives us a clear idea about whether the wisdom tooth is impacted and what the extent of the impact is. Once it has been determined that you are required to undergo a surgical procedure, we then explain the entire process to you. Wisdom teeth can be very sensitive and have to be handled very carefully. Post the extraction, it will also take a couple of days for recovery.

The Extraction Procedure

We will take the severity of the impacted tooth into account and decide whether you should be administered local/ general anesthesia. If more than one wisdom tooth has to be extracted at the same time, general anesthesia might be required. Since these teeth have very strong roots that run deep into the jaw bone, it takes 1-4 hours for extractions & wisdom teeth surgical procedures. The first step is making an incision and the tooth will then be expertly extracted from its position. Sometimes, the tooth might have to be removed in pieces and this decision is taken at the time of the surgery.

In some cases, we might have to whittle certain sections of the jawbone to ease the extraction process. The condition of the tooth will decide what the recovery time-frame will be. Once the extraction is complete, the gums will then be sutured and you will be prescribed a pain killer and antibiotics. These will have to be taken for a few days after the extractions & wisdom teeth surgery.

Additional Care

It will take at least 2- 4 weeks for complete healing to take place and you will be also be asked to consume only soft food and juices for a few days post the surgery. You will also be asked to come in for a follow-up. We will check if the healing is progressing normally after which the sutures will be removed. It generally takes 1-4 days to recover from extractions and wisdom teeth surgery.

The Best Treatment

Wisdom teeth extraction tends to be a slightly complex procedure due to the nature of the teeth. We have years of experience with carrying out different kinds of dental procedures and use the latest techniques and cutting-edge equipment in all our surgeries. For extractions and wisdom teeth surgery, contact Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental on 606-340-0740 or visit us at Monticello, KY. We have patients coming in from surrounding areas including Somerset, Danville, and Cookeville.

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