Our Services

At Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental we provide our clients with the following dental services and procedures:

Our Services General Dentistry: we provide our clients with premium general dentistry services that suit their specific needs. We will examine your teeth and gums and suggest the best solution and procedures to rectify any issues. Read More »

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth: don’t leave it too late when it comes to extractions and wisdom teeth. by coming in and having regular checkup we can try and prevent having to remove teeth. We understand that people are generally uncomfortable having extractions, so we will make sure you are calm and as pain free as possible. Read More »

Crowns & Veneers: at Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental we can give you back that perfect smile with the addition of crowns or veneers. So many people are worried about having gaps in their smile so it prevents them from having dental work done. Don’t hesitate to come in for a consultation and get all the information you need.

Our Services Root Canals: what is a root canal? Well the difference between a root canal and an extraction is that we only remove the pulp or the middle of the tooth and not the whole tooth. The middle of the tooth is then filled in. so you are left with your tooth but with a new filling. Read More »

Dentures & Partials: when it comes to dentures and partials; Brummett and Tallent Cosmetic and Family Dental is the best dental surgeon for you. We have all the expertise and experience to give you trouble-free dentures and partials. Read More »

Teeth Cleaning & Whitening: are you and your family having regular teeth cleaning procedures? If the answer is no, then contact us today to book a consultation for you and the children. We also offer teeth whitening services. Read More »

Fillings: are you experiencing a little bit of pain in one of your teeth? Perhaps you are in need of a filling? Long gone are the days where your only choice was to have a silver/metal looking filling. Nowadays you can have colored filling. Read More »

Pediatric Dentistry: we have a great reputation for providing the best pediatric dentistry services. It is or goal to ensure that your children are calm and comfortable throughout their checkups and treatments. Read More »

Implants: are you in need of some dental implants? This may be an option for those that have an extraction in a visible place and would like to fill in the gap for a perfect smile. Read More »

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in KY and TN:
  • Burkesville, KY
  • Byrdstown, TN
  • Columbia, KY
  • Bronston, KY
  • Cookeville, TN